FAB Teletext Network Controller can export pages from the database in HTML/XML/JSON format. Teletext pages are exported whenever they are changed.

HTML pages can be displayed by web browsers.

HTML Export is available in 4 possible ways:

  • PNG images with clickable page numbers (10KB per page)
  • Color text with color background (4KB per page)
  • Color text (2KB per page)
  • Text only (1KB per page)

After the HTML/XML/JSON files are exported the integrated automatic FTP client can transfer the files to the Webserver.


You can see an example of the exported teletext pages on the following web site:

You can navigate through the teletext by clicking on the page numbers or entering the page number directly.

Please note that the layout of HTML pages is freely definable. Only the teletext part of the layout is generated by FAB Teletext Network Controller.


The specification of the XML/JSON export is available here.

Application Example

FAB Network Controller can also be equipped with teletext decoder cards to enable receiving teletext pages and storing them into the database. These pages can at the same time be exported in HTML and XML format.