NC Windows Cluster

FAB Teletext Network Controller can be delivered in a Windows Cluster configuration which is extremely failure-safe.

Windows Cluster consists of two server computers that are using a common RAID hard disk system.

From the outside the clients only see one IP address and do not know to which of both server computers they are currently connected.

In case that one of the servers fail the IP address is automatically moved to the second server and the clients do not notice that they are now communicating with the other server.

The RAID system always has redundant disks so that if one of the disks failes the RAID system is still in operation.

FAB has installed the Teletext Network Controller based on Windows Cluster on the following sites:

  • ZDF Mainz, Germany
  • WDR Cologne, Germany
  • BR Munich, Germany
  • TVE Madrid, Spain
  • ORF Vienna, Austria
  • MDR Leipzig, Germany