NC Archive

FAB Teletext Network Controller can be delivered with an optional Archive Database Server.

The Archive Database Server is a separate database that stores all pages that have ever been transmitted. The archive database is constantly growing and the size is only limited by available disk space. When there is no more disk space available the oldest pages are automatically deleted.

Typically the archive database requires disk space of at least 9GB which is enough for 800.000 pages but can be extended to whatever disk size available for Windows.

Teletext pages in the archive database are indexed so that searching for pages is quick and easy.

The Teletext Explorer is used to search for pages with one or more of the following criteria

  • Page number(s)
  • Subpage number(s)
  • Date/time when the page was on-air
  • Channels where the page was on-air
  • User that has created the page
  • Words that were contained in the page

Archive Search Utility

FAB NC Explorer Version 2.18a