FAB Teletext Editor

FAB Teletext Editor for Windows is a Windows based program for preparation of teletext pages and transfer of teletext pages to the teletext system.

Teletext Editor

Following is a list of most important functions supported by FAB Teletext Editor:

  • Running under Windows 10

  • Supports all west, central and east European scripts including Greek and Cyrillic.

  • Supports editing of Teletext Level 1, Level 1.5 and Level 2.5 excluding bitmaps and palettes. FAB HiLevel Editor is required for creation of bitmaps and palettes.

  • Supports loading of numerous file formats that enables preparation of teletext pages for teletext systems of other manufacturers: *.TTP, *.EP1, *.WSP, *., *.BIN, *.PGW, *.VTX, *.TPG, *.TTI, *.DTA, *.PAG, *.VTS, and others

  • All texts and menus in German, English, French and Spanish.

  • Export of teletext pages in JPEG and BMP format.

  • Multiple windows with teletext pages can be open at the same time.

  • Undo / Redo function for each window.

  • Word wrap and page wrap function. Page wrap is a word wrap function that works over multiple subpages.

  • Select and move lines/blocks with mouse or keyboard. Cut, copy and paste text.

  • The Windows clipboard is supported. Texts from other windows applications can be imported into a teletext page. If the text is too long it is automatically distributed to more subpages.

  • Easy drawing of teletext graphics with the mouse.

  • Windows fonts can be used for drawing of large size text.

  • Compatible with FAB and also teletext systems of other manufacturers.

  • Communication over network to FAB Teletext Data Generator and FAB Teletext Network Controller (FAB Teletext Editor Premium only).

  • Printing of teletext pages on color and black and white printers.

  • Teletext attributes can be selected by mouse or by pressing function keys. Keyboard shortcuts can be defined for all functions.

Models & Specifications

FT-TTXEDITOR BASIC FAB Teletext Editor Basic Edition
Software for preparation of teletext pages. Does not support connection to the teletext system over network, teletext pages can be loaded and saved to disk. Standard Software for 1 PC inckl. 1 year software updates.
FT-TTXEDITOR PREMIUM FAB Teletext Editor Premium Edition
Software for prearation of teletext pages and communication to the teletext system. Standard Software for 1 PC inckl. 1 year software updates.


You can download the demo version of FAB Teletext Editor here