IP Based Subtitle Transmission

The following system can be offered by FAB for IP based transmission of DVB and Teletext subtitles. All interfaces between FAB computers, the automation system (Channel in a box), DVB multiplexers and internet live streaming encoders are IP only.

  • Every FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD receives the automation ID and timecode from the automation system and transmits subtitles from subtitle files for one channel. It also receives live subtitles received over network from FAB Subtitler LIVE workstations.
  • FT-DVBTSG creates a teletext stream which is transmitted over TS/IP (UDP/RTP) by FT-DVB to one or more DVB multiplexers. A separate PID is used for every teletext stream for every channel.
  • FT-DVB receives DVB subtitles from FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD and transmits them over TS/IP (UDP/RTP) to one or more DVB multiplexers. A separate DVB Subtitle PID is used for every channel and language.

IP Based Transmission