FAB Teletext Network API

FAB Teletext Network API is a programming library with functions that allow a programmer to write a program and perform the following functions:

  • Create a teletext page and optionally load a template from disk
  • Write data (text/graphics) to any position on the teletext page
  • Transfer the teletext page over network to FAB Teletext Data Generator / Network Controller

Other functionalities like loading of data from any kind of source (SQL Database, HTML internet pages or other) is not part of FAB Teletext Network API and must be implemented separately in the program.

FAB Teletext Network API is licensed per site. The buyer can install the software on any number of PCs on one site.

The API is implemented as a 32bit and 64bit COM Object under Windows and can be used with any programming language that supports COM Objects like Visual Basic, VBScript, C++, Delphi, Word, Perl, PHP and others. The functions are easy to use and have the following functionality:

  • Load and save teletext pages in a large number of file formats.
  • Supported file formats for loading: *.TTP, *.EP1, *.WSP, *.OVL, *., *.BIN, *.PGW, *.VTX, *.TPG, *.TTI, *.DTA, *.PAG, *.VTS, *.TED, *.TTV. *.TT, *.FIL
  • Read/write text and graphics from/to the teletext page.
  • Communicate to Teletext Data Generator and Teletext Network Controller over TCP/IP

Among others following applications can be realized by using FAB Teletext Network API and FAB Teletext Data Generator:

  • Teletext file format conversion
  • Transfer of teletext pages from and to Teletext Data Generator or Network Controller
  • Interactive teletext like SMS Chat
  • Data broadcast transmission

The NETAPI also includes the description of the TCP/IP protocol that is used for communication to Teletext Data Generator or Teletext Network Controller.

The following example for VBScript will show how the most important functions can be used to transfer pages to the FAB Teletext Data Generator:

     dim MyApi
     set MyApi = CreateObject ("FABNetApi.ETTW")
     MyApi.WriteLine 4, 8, "{Yellow}WriteLine call from VBScript"
     MyApi.WriteLine 4, 10, "{Green}Close this window to continue"
     MyApi.WriteLine 11, 11, "{Green}with the script"
     MyApi.Connection = ""
     MyApi.SendCommand ("REG username,password")
     MyApi.SendCommand ("PUT 123")

Models & Specifications

FT-NETAPI FAB Teletext Network API
Standard software according to agreement in the manual incl. 12 months software updates and 12 months technical support.

Download the manual

You can download the manual of FAB Teletext Network API here