FAB Subtitler BCAST is a software package for a PC with Windows which is used for automatic transmission of subtitles in multiple languages. Subtitles can be transmitted from different sources:

  • Subtitles from subtitle files where transmission is triggered by an ID and starting timecode received from the automation system
  • Subtitles received over network from live subtitling workstations
  • Subtitles received over SDI video

FAB Subtitler XCD is a software package for PC which includes the same functionality as FAB Subtitler BCAST with the following limitations:

  • Transmission of subtitles is only possible from one of the following sources: subtitle file or SDI video or network. To use a different source the software has to be reconfigured.
  • The subtitle editor is not included

For a detailed comparison of functionality please read the Product comparison page.

FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD can transmit subtitles in many different formats:


The following functionalities are included in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD:

  • Download of subtitle files from a file server or from FAB Subtitle Database
  • Connection with many different automation systems incl. Imagine, Pebble Beach, …
  • Reception of subtitles embedded in SDI and retransmission in a different format
  • Reception of subtitles over network from live subtitling workstations
  • Master/Hot-Standby operation with automatic switchover in case of failure
  • Manual operation mode incl. full editing of subtitle files

The software works in the following way

  • Subtitle files for transmission have to be stored on the local hard disk
  • The filename of the subtitle file corresponds to the ID of the playlist item in automation system
  • The automation system sends the ID when it starts transmitting a new playlist item
  • FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD will search for the subtitle filename ID.stl
  • If the subtitle file is found FAB Subtitler BCAST will open it and start transmitting it
  • Subtitles are synchronized to timecode which is received from automation system

Supported automation systems

  • Imagine/Harris ADC100
  • Imagine/ Harris D-Series
  • Pebble Beach Neptune/Marine
  • SAM Morpheus Automation
  • SGT
  • MBT
  • Encoda
  • Drake
  • ProBel
  • Etere
  • IBIS
  • Aveco
  • OnAir
  • Cinegy
  • PlayBox AirBox
  • Avocent Landscape
  • VPS/PDC signal received on video input


  • Windows 10, 16GB RAM, Quad core CPU
  • or Windows Server 2016 64 Bit or higher, 16GB RAM, Quad core CPU

Models & Specifications

FT-SUBTITLER BCAST FAB Subtitler Broadcast Edition
Software for playlist based automatic transmission of subtitles with interface to automation systems (i.e. Louth, Harris, Encoda, SGT, Pebble Beach, Drake, OnAir, Etere, Probel, Playbox,.) and VPS/PDC. Standard software for 1 PC incl. 12 months software updates and 12 months technical support.
Software for transmission of subtitles from subtitle files or subtitles received over network or subtitles received from a video signal. Standard software for 1 PC incl. 12 months software updates and 12 months technical support.
FT-SUBTITLER LANG FAB Subtitler Additional Language
Support for one additional language for FAB Subtitler in multilingual mode.