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Teletext Data Bridge

FAB Teletext Data Bridge is a limitid version of FAB Teletext Data Generator. It has the same functionality, but it is limited to transmission of 100 teletext page numbers, each with up to 8000 subpages. In addition up to 32 teletext subtitle pages can be transmitted as well as VPS and WSS data.

FAB Teletext Data Bridge is delivered as a 19” 1U Server with analogue & SD/HD-SDI video in/out BNC connectors for broadcast quality teletext insertion.

Transmission of teletext subtitle pages in EBU system B according to international standard ETS 300706. The subtitles can be entered either via TCP/IP from FAB Subtitler or from another teletext signal from page numbers specified

Insertion of teletext data into SD-SDI according to ETS 300706 and into HD-SDI according to SMPTE 2031 and OP47 (SMPTE RDD8)

Copying of any VBI lines from asynchronous composite or SD/HD-SDI signal to transmission composite or SD/HD-SDI signal

FAB Teletext Data Bridge is delivered with 19” 1U Server with SSD disk, redundant power supply and PCI Express Teletext Inserter Card for SD/HD-SDI and analogue video
(the picture is symbolic)
Images are symbolic and may be different from the actually delivered unit

Broadcast quality inserter for analogue and SD/HD-SDI video, BNC in/out with bypass relay in case of power, hardware or software failure

Monitor output with teletext only

Delivered with 19” 1U Server with SSD disk and redundant power supply

Insertion of VBI lines 6 to 22, software selectable for odd/even fields

Insertion of VITS, VPS and WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) and VI (Video Index) / AFD (Active Format Description)

Transmission of 100 Teletext Pages without limitation of subpages per page

Operation failure indication - automatic page transmission from pre-programmed static
page generator

Multilingual subtitles on multiple teletext pages

TCP/IP connection

GPI input for control of WSS/VPS insertion and other functions




FAB Teletext Data Bridge
With TCP/IP, integrated broadcast quality
teletext inserter for analogue and SD/HD-SDI video
with bypass relay, for transmission of up to 100 teletext pages, teletext subtitles and copying of VBI lines, includes 19” 1U server with SSD disk, redundant power supply
FAB Real Time Teletext Decoder
Option for FT-DBR, allows reception and
retransmission of teletext pages in real time from
external video signal (analogue and SD/HD-SDI),


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