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Live Subtitling

The following FAB solutions are available for subtitling of live programs:


1. Using FAB Subtitler LIVE

FAB Subtitler LIVE is a software package for Windows which includes the following functionality among others:

  • Typing of live subtitles with a computer keyboard.
  • Dictation of live subtitles using a speech recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • Display of live video on PC monitor.
  • Transmission of subtitles over IP to the subtitle transmission system FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD and other services like Youtube.
  • Import of news rundown from a news system like iNews, OpenMedia, Octopus, ... and easy transformation to subtitles.

A detailed description of FAB Subtitler LIVE is available here.


2. Using IP based gateway functionality of FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD

The following functionality is available in FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD which allows external companies to provide live subtitles for remote TV stations:

  • Receives live IPTV over UDP from the TV station and provides live IPTV to multiple FAB Subtitler LIVE workstations without the need to use multicast.
  • Receives live subtitles over TCP from multiple FAB Subtitler LIVE workstations and sends them over TCP to the TV station to teletext inserters, DVB transmission systems and live streaming encoders.
  • Saves STL and XML Timed Text subtitle file for every transmitted program with subtitles.







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