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FAB Subtitler LIVE

FAB Subtitler LIVE is a software package for a PC with Windows which is used for live subtitling. The software includes all functions of FAB Subtitler STD and FAB Subtitler PRO.

Live subtitling is mostly done by one or more persons in the following way:

  • Before the TV program begins, prompter texts are downloaded from the news system and converted to subtitles manually
  • During the TV program subtitles that were prepared in advance are transmitted manually.
  • Subtitles which cannot be prepared in advance are spoken by a “respeaker person”, recognized by speech recognition software and are transmitted automatically or after manual correction
  • For languages that do not have a speech recognition engine subtitles can also be typed and transmitted in real time

The following functionality is included in FAB Subtitler LIVE

  • Download of news rundowns with prompter texts from news systems
  • Conversion of prompter texts to subtitles
  • Display of live video on the PC screen with dual monitor support
  • Interface to any speech recognition software that can dictate directly into the application
  • Multiple workstations with FAB Subtitler LIVE can work on the same rundown
  • Simultaneous transmission of speech recognized and already prepared subtitles
  • Creation of subtitle files with all transmitted subtitles with timing information for archiving and retransmission purposes

The following news systems are supported

  • iNEWS
  • ENPS
  • Openmedia
  • Octopus
  • MOS protocol
  • XML import

The following live video signals are supported

  • TS over IP
  • CVBS
  • Analogue antenna

The following speech recognition software is supported

  • Dragon Naturallyspeaking
  • Newton
  • Any speech recognition software that can dictate directly into the application


  • Windows 7 or higher 32 or 64 Bit, 4GB RAM, Quad core CPU
  • (PC with Intel Core i7 7700 or better CPU is recommended for live video display)


FAB Subtitler LIVE Edition
Standard Software for 1 PC
Includes software license, 12 months software updates and 12 months technical support


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