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FAB Media Encoder

FAB Media Encoder is a software package for a PC with Windows which is used for encoding of SDI video to LowRes video files. FAB Media Encoder supports the Decklink 4K Extreme card as SDI video source and creates a LowRes video file which is in an optimal format for preparation of subtitles.

The resulting video file:

  • Includes detected scene changes as metadata
  • Includes timecode as metadata if it was present on the input
  • Includes burnt-in visible timecode if this functionality is activated in settings
  • Has a very low video/audio bitrate but still a very good picture and audio quality



Because resulting video files are very small they can be downloaded by subtitlers over the internet. When using the lowest possible bitrate of 200 kbit/s a 90 minutes movie is encoded into a 135MB video file. When using a 2MBit/s internet line this file can be downloaded in less than 9 minutes.


Manual operation mode

In manual operation mode the operation is very similar to operating a VTR. Instead of inserting a tape and pressing RECORD, the filename for the resulting video file has to be entered, the duration of the encoding has to be entered and the ENCODE button must be pressed.

FAB Media Encoder can control a VTR (DigiBeta, IMX) via the Sony 9-pin protocol.

The picture below shows the user interface which is very simple so that any person without special knowledge can operate FAB Media Encoder.


Automatic operation mode

In automatic operation mode FAB Media Encoder can be controlled by an automation system. FAB Media Encoder supports the VDCP protocol on the serial port so that the automation system controls it as a video disk recorder.

The advantage of the automatic operation mode is that the encoding to media files can be done at the same time when the video material is recorded to a broadcast quality video disk recorder/player. This can be especially important for news and other programs that have to be subtitled urgently shortly before they will be aired.


  • HP Z4x0 PC with Windows 7 64 Bit or higher , 4GB RAM, Quad core CPU
  • Decklink 4K Extreme PCI-Express card with thefollowing inputs:
    SD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, component, HDMI & CVBS
  • Optional: Plura VITC/LTC Timecode reader card
    with analogue / SDI VITC input and LTC input



FAB Media Encoder
Standard Software for 1 PC.
Includes software license, 12 months software updates and 12 months technical support.

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