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FAB has developed a complete subtitling system for all subtitling applications:

  • Open subtitles
  • Teletext subtitles
  • DVB subtitles
  • Closed captions CEA-608 / CEA-708
  • Internet streaming subtitles
  • DVD & Blu-ray subtitles
  • Digital Cinema subtitles

The following FAB Subtitling products were designed for PRODUCTION OF SUBTITLES:

FAB Media Encoder for encoding of SDI video, audio & timecode into low bitrate video files which can be used for preparation of subtitles.

FAB Subtitler STD for preparation of subtitles and export of subtitles to over 70 different formats incl. DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Cinema, XML, DFXP, ...

FAB Subtitler PRO for specific subtitling operations like insertion of subtitles into SDI video, insertion of teletext and DVB subtitles into TS files, decoding of teletext subtitles from SDI and conversion to a subtitle file, watchfolder controlled conversion and checking of compliance of subtitle files.

FAB Subtitler LIVE for live subtitling of news with connection to newsroom systems and interface to voice recognition software.

FAB Subtitler MPEG for insertion of open, teletext and DVB subtitles into WMV/MPEG2/MXF/TS (transport stream) files.

The following FAB Subtitling products were designed for use in TV stations for BROADCAST SUBTITLING APPLICATIONS:

FAB Subtitler BCAST/XCD for automatic transmission of subtitles controlled by an automation system and real time conversion of subtitles between different formats.

FAB DVB Interface for transmission of DVB and Teletext subtitles over ASI or IP to a DVB multiplexer, synchronized to PCR.

FAB Teletext Subtitle Generator for generation of a teletext stream with teletext subtitles.

FAB PCIe Card for insertion of open subtitles, teletext subtitles and CEA-608/708 closed captions into SD/HD-SDI.

FAB Subtitle Database for storage of subtitle files in a database and organization of the workflow for subtitle preparation.

The following picture shows the complete FAB Subtitling System

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